Booker T has given his thoughts on Kevin Owens during the latest Hall Of Fame podcast episode. He made it clear that KO is someone who can be put in any position and will deliver. However, Booker thinks that right now, Owens is working on character stuff.

“I look for the guy’s talent more than anything, I look for the hidden talents. Stuff that you can feel it, but you can’t see it,” he said. “I look at a guy like Kevin Owens, and I say, ‘this guy is evolving as far as his talent goes.’ Right now, he’s doing character stuff with Ezekiel, of course, he just came off the stuff with Stone Cold Steve Austin. But, I feel like he’s a guy that is going to be able to be put in a position that you’re going to be able to bank on him going out there and delivering. No matter where you place him.”

Right now, Ezekiel is a gimmick that has got the wrestling world talking. Booker T admitted that he likes gimmicks like this, and he actually wanted Elias to end up doing a real concert during his run.

“I’m going to just say it like it is, I like stuff like this,” he said. “Everybody can’t be in the title picture at one time. Everybody just can’t be on the show going out and displaying how good of a wrestler they are. I’ve always said that Elias, for me, before the Ezekiel, I’d rather see this guy play his guitar every week as opposed to actually going out and wrestle. Let’s build this guy up enough to where he can actually do a real concert. That’s where my mind was thinking. The wrestling was a backdrop.”

Booker T admitted that we have no idea where the Ezekiel gimmick is going. However, he pointed out to fans that they shouldn’t question gimmicks like this, because WWE isn’t like MMA.

“We don’t know where it is going. The guy comes out of the curtain, he’s at the show with his ring gear on, and he’s not even booked to wrestle. When you look at wrestling, you can’t look at it like mixed martial arts or some other organized sport. It’s not like that,” he said. “When people start looking at wrestling in those terms, people just beat themselves over the head wondering, ‘why this, or why that?’ There’s no reason why. I like it, and I just want to see where it’s going. And I can’t wait to see Ezekiel in the ring performing.”

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