Cody Rhodes Dismisses Rumor About His WWE Return

As a guest on the Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, Cody Rhodes spoke about his return to WWE and the process in deciding when he would re-debut for the company.

The American Nightmare reacted to rumors regarding his return to WWE and how some thought it would happen at Monday Night RAW in Jacksonville, the unofficial home of AEW.


"As far as my understanding goes, the plan was always WrestleMania," Rhodes said. "Nothing was ever considered. At one point, I saw people talking about [debuting in] Jacksonville [on Monday Night RAW] and that was a no. Again, it's not about leaving, it was about returning and the place to do it was at the Showcase of the Immortals, at the biggest stage there is in what we do, undisputed is WrestleMania.

"And there was a lot of synergy and love over the fact that it was Dallas, Texas, and that was where I had my last WrestleMania with the ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship."

During the same podcast, Cody Rhodes spoke about his time with AEW as an Executive and revealed the one decision he still regrets making in that EVP role. The 36-year-old talked about taking himself out of the AEW World Title picture and how that affected his dream of one day becoming a world champion.


Rhodes also detailed how American Top Team coach Dan Lambert inadvertently impacted his decision to come back to WWE with a gift he gave him in AEW.

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