Cody Rhodes On Notion That Booing AEW Fans Didn’t Respect Him

Cody Rhodes is forever grateful for his time in AEW, regardless of fan perception that he didn't get "the respect he deserves" from AEW fans.

On Sunday, a fan tweeted at Rhodes and pointed out how AEW fans booed The American Nightmare and didn't appreciate him enough.


In response, Rhodes felt "it was the quirky thing to do" for AEW fans to greet him with boos, while admitting that he still got the loudest reactions for the longest stretches.

I appreciate it fam

But it's all good – it was the quirky thing to do for a minute and as a wrestler you just want "loudest the longest" – I had some fun matches amidst that noise, wouldn't change a thing

It led us into this next chapter, truly a love story

Cody Rhodes has been nothing but gracious through his transition from AEW to WWE. In a recent interview with BT Sport's Ariel Helwani, Rhodes spoke of his experience working in Tony Khan's company.

"I had a wonderful experience there and I feel the experience had maxed out," Rhodes stated. "You never want to start getting into a situation where the love goes away, I wanted to keep the love. I know Matt [Jackson], Nick [Jackson] and Kenny [Omega], I don't know if they sit in circles and hate on me or talk poorly about me, I hope they wouldn't. But if they don't know, I try to tell them on a regular basis I absolutely love those guys. Instrumental and we did it together. I helped them, they helped me so I have nothing but love and it will always be that way."


As noted earlier, Rhodes was in action in his home state of Georgia at the Sunday Stunner WWE live event in Augusta. You can click here for full results from the show.

Cody Rhodes will wrestle Seth Rollins in a WrestleMania 38 rematch at the WrestleMania Backlash premium live event on Sunday, May 8.