Cody Rhodes Still Wants Match Against Retired WWE Star

As a guest on the Out of Character Podcast with Ryan Satin, Cody Rhodes spoke about his return to WWE.

After his WWE return, Rhodes participated in a media scrum the next day in which he revealed a meeting he had with Triple H prior to his WrestleMania 38 entrance. Cody continued to talk about that interaction with Satin, highlighting how that moment won't feel real until he and Triple H have a match.


"In the media scrum I didn't really say what that interaction was like because I think that interaction to him maybe was just being normal," Cody Rhodes said. "Here he is, one of upper management, one of the greatest of all time going through a lot himself, and maybe just talking to me was another Tuesday. For me, it wasn't, it was different because he is one of my favorites.

"You have your Stings, your Shawn Michaels, your Triple H and then I did model a great portion of what I was doing after how he had modeled a lot of The Game brand. But also too, I was very very angry and that anger remains as far as how we saw each other and how he saw me and what I wanted to do. I wanted to channel that anger differently but it was just a really touching moment.


"I didn't tell anybody what he said and I won't but it was a touching moment. I hear people say 'You shouldn't trust them, you shouldn't trust them...' above all, I trust myself. I do, I think I'm the best in the world at what we do and that's because I work at it and I continue to work at it and want to and love working at it.

"That was a nice moment, it's not full circle though until it happens in the ring, that moment. I'm not expecting anything and I'm not talking about anyone coming out of retirement or anything but wrestlers are this weird cathartic species where it's not real until we do it out there. I know it sounds irony-heavy in this statement but my brother's [situation is] a prime example.

"The closest we've ever been to airing our problems out and just sharing our love with one another was when we beat each other half to death and bled literal buckets over each other. There's something about when you're in the ring about that experience and I look forward to that moment if it ever happens."

During the same podcast, Cody Rhodes spoke about his time with AEW as an Executive and revealed the one decision he still regrets making in that EVP role. The 36-year-old talked about taking himself out of the AEW World Title picture and how that affected his dream of one-day becoming a world champion.


Rhodes also detailed how American Top Team coach Dan Lambert inadvertently impacted his decision to come back to WWE with a gift he gave him in AEW.

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