FTR Addresses Rumor That WWE Wants To Re-Sign Them

During the latest episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, FTR, spoke about recent rumors regarding WWE's interest in bringing the team back to the company they just left two years ago.


Harwood revealed what the two know about the interest WWE has in them and why they would never discuss future contract negotiations while under contract with AEW and Tony Khan.

"I think we know about as much as everyone else does," Dax said. "We left that place because they didn't put a focus on tag team wrestling and we knew there was a ceiling to where we could go in the company. We wanted to do more, we wanted to be known as the greatest tag team of all time and we had to leave there to do that. We knew that and that's why we were so persistent on them giving us our releases.

"Now, I see on the screenshot of all the different news outlets saying they want to resign us. And that's flattering, that's cool, we've got some more time left but I told Tony that there's no way that we would ever talk contracts with anybody while we were working for him. We have way too much respect for him and our word means something.


"Then I started thinking they want us or do they want AEW to not have us? It's cool for Cody to do what he has done but there's just so many unknowns there. Would they ever be able to focus on tag team wrestling like we've been able to the last few years? Money is not everything for us, I do have a family so I could take care of them but it's not all about the money, it's about what we leave behind for wrestling too."

When he first heard the news of WWEs interest, Harwood mentioned how the duo would never do something to disrespect their current boss because Khan has given them the platform to do what they love. While speaking to Renee, Dax also noted why FTR chose to change the name of their tag team finishing move "The Shatter Machine" to "The Big Rig," in honor of their friend Brodie Lee.

"Shatter Machine was something that we came up with, before we left WWE, we trademarked it and one of the ways to get out of our contract [with WWE] was to sign over all of our trademarks," Dax said. "Shatter Machine was one of them. Brodie was a very good friend of mine and he's very close to my family so I asked [Cash] what he thought about changing the name and he said hell yeah and I wanted to ask Amanda [Brodie's wife] to see if she's cool with it.


"I spoke to Amanda, she started crying and said absolutely and that's just where that came from, we want to pay tribute to him and remind people of him for the rest of our careers."

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