Julia Hart Recalls Cody Rhodes “Making Her” Talk To Tony Khan

In a recent interview with Frances Lillian Bynum, AEW star Julia Hart discussed wanting to impress Tony Khan on her first night. She also shared a story about Cody Rhodes forcing her to speak to Khan after her first match.


Despite being relatively new to the national wrestling scene, Hart's no stranger in front of a crowd. She has a competitive cheerleading background, and she "never" gets nervous. When asked about her nerves before her first AEW show, she made it clear there weren't any.

"I never get nervous in front of crowds really, I grew up in competitive cheer, and you're always in front of people, so I knew I loved the crowd," Hart recalled. I wasn't necessarily nervous about the crowd, I was more so nervous about the people in the back like seeing me for the first time. Tony Khan, Cody, all the wrestlers that know wrestling and know when I'm gonna mess up. The fans don't know. They're just excited to see wrestling. The people in the back are the ones who are gonna, when you come back be like, "hey you did this and this wrong. "I want to be as good as I can be so I don't disappoint Cody. He just brought me in as one of his students.


"I want to impress Tony Khan, and I want to impress myself. I was more so nervous about people in the back than being in front of people, but then I came to the back. I'm pretty sure my first match went pretty good. I remember Cody made me talk to Tony too, I was like so nervous. I was like why is he making me talk to Tony? It's my first day here. Then Pillman (part of the Varsity Blondes), he saw me and was like, oh my gosh, you'd be perfect to fit in our group. He was like she should be part of our group. That's how it like came about like yeah she would fit in their group. She should work here, so she can be with them."

Julia Hart was the first student of Cody Rhodes to be signed to AEW, and she discusses her training in the interview. She credits not only Cody, but she also gives a shoutout to QT Marshall for giving her the proper training. She recommends them to anyone trying to make it into the business.

"Cody and QT. They both train. They have these camps once every three months that they do," Hart said. "They're both amazing trainers. I learned pretty much everything I know because of them. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't know anything. They're really good trainers. I would recommend anyone that's trying to get into wrestling to go to their school.'


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