Kenny Omega Gives Update On AEW Video Game Release Timeframe

New information on the AEW video game still in production could be revealed soon. Kenny Omega recently stated that he expected "something" on the game to be shared with the public in the near future, while also adding to speculation that the game could be released before the end of the year.


"I mean, we're working real hard on it, trying to get something presentable, something that is gonna be complete ASAP," Omega told Put Your Quarters On The Glass. "And hopefully, that means this year. Hopefully, we're also gonna have more materials to show everyone real soon. And I know that there should be something actually really soon being released.

"I'm not sure when this [podcast] will release but you may have already seen it by now. And that's just a little taste for things to come. But there should be something more expansive, something a little more of an in-depth look I would say, in the upcoming months for sure, just to keep everyone up to speed and let everyone know where we're at."


The AEW video was initially expected to be released in 2023, but there have reportedly been talks within the company about releasing it as early as this coming September. The game is expected to be made available for purchase on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Work on the AEW video game has been apparent at the company's live events. AEW has been instructing fans to chant and cheer specific words and phrases, with the audio being recorded for use in the game.

Following last Wednesday's broadcast of Dynamite, AEW's Tony Khan addressed live fans and indicated that the console game will be called AEW: Fight Forever. AEW filed to trademark "AEW: Fight Forever" for merchandise and video game use on March 21.

Kenny Omega's love for video games stretches back to his childhood. He has a long-standing gaming rivalry with G4 host Austin Creed (better known to WWE fans as Xavier Woods). Omega and the Young Bucks famously competed against The New Day in Street Fighter V at E3 in 2018. A new entry in the Street Fighter franchise is nearing its release, but Omega doesn't seem to feel Creed will emerge as a threat.

"Austin's talking about going back in [with] Street Fighter 6," Omega stated. "And you know what? It's a fresh start for everyone – a clean slate. I'd like to see what he'd be able to scoop together. I don't think he has a natural skill. Or, I don't think he has the natural acumen for fighting games. I think to be good at fighting games takes a lot of skill. It takes very flexible and nimble digits.


"I think it takes an ability to read your opponent and to be able to analyze the situation and act accordingly. These are all skills that Austin Creed doesn't have whatsoever, and poor judgment on top of that. So, bad decision-making. He just doesn't have it in his inner workings, in his guts."

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