Kurt Angle Confirms He Will Undergo Major Surgery Next Month

During the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer spoke about the latest inductees into the HOF, The Steiner Brothers.

Kurt Angle spoke about his experiences with Scott Steiner and why he as a fellow amateur wrestler looked up to the tag team and thought they deserved the Hall of Fame nod a long time ago.


"The Steiners belong in the Hall of Fame, it took forever but they finally did it," Angle said. "Scott was great, when I grew up, I was a fan of Scott as an amateur wrestler. He was an All-American at the University of Michigan, so I looked up to him.

"Him and his brother when they went into pro wrestling, we all took a lot of pride in saying the Steiners are pro wrestlers now, they were what we were and they were a part of us and we took a lot of pride in that. I wanted to wrestle Scott, he was one of the guys I wanted to shoot for. He was an inspiration for me growing up."

On previous episodes of the podcast, Kurt Angle has spoken at length about his injury history in the WWE, talking about the numerous broken necks he's suffered while wrestling and also revealing the two worst injuries he's ever suffered.


Being one of the most injured wrestlers in WWE history, Angle also detailed how injuries ultimately led to him leaving the WWE in 2006 after a face-off with Vince McMahon.

Having suffered so many injuries over his career, Angle continued to speak on the podcast about the next surgery he will have to have soon.

"I'm having my knees replaced next month," Kurt said. "Both of them at the same time, I'm getting it over with. I'll be on a wheelchair or a walker."

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