During his latest Impaulsive podcast Logan Paul reflected on his WrestleMania 38 experience and revealed that Triple H spoke to him before he headed out to the ring.

The Game returned to work throughout the weekend, and he imparted some advice to the YouTube star.

“Literally, right before I went on, Triple H came up to me, he goes, ‘just so you know, it’s not always about the physicality. The people want to see your charisma. They want to see you, your personality.’ I went, ‘okay, cool.’ So I took that,” he said. “I actually took that and was thinking about what he said during some of the displays. And tried to just come through the screen so people could feel my emotion.”

Becky Lynch was the guest on the podcast, and she admitted to being impressed by Logan Paul. She put over his work, and claimed that he was very comfortable portraying the heel. She also stated it was fun for the talent to watch backstage.

“You killed with that, and you told a great story. It’s funny because a lot of people come in and they don’t want to be the bad guy, and you were so comfortable in that role. It was so fun to watch, and so fun for all of us backstage and the audience to watch, it was great.”

It was recently reported that Logan Paul had a clause in his contract that his run would see him become a babyface. During the podcast, he did admit to not wanting to be a bad guy, as he hopes to be liked.

“I don’t want to be a bad guy, I don’t want to be a heel,” he admitted. “I want to be liked, you know? I am a heel now, I guess technically. But maybe I could be a babyface one day.”

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