Photo: Malcolm Bivens With Johnny Gargano At WWE Performance Center

As you can see below, WWE NXT talent Malcolm Bivens ran into a former member of the NXT roster this week — Johnny Gargano.

The two men took a photo of the reunion and, whether or not it was intentional, it came out as a rather comical picture. Malcolm is seen smiling big with his thumb up, while both Gargano and his newborn son, Quill, look displeased at the picture being taken.


"Fatherhood whoopin' his ass," Malcolm writes.

It appears the photo was taken at the WWE Performance Center, which marks the first time Gargano has publicly been seen there since departing the company.

Gargano and his wife, Candice LeRae, welcomed their son Quill on February 17, 2022. As far as Gargano's next move in the world of pro wrestling goes, the former NXT North American Champion recently stated that his options are fully open.

"My options are 100% open," Gargano said. "And I watch everything, honestly. You can watch my YouTube video, I watch – me and Candice were watching AEW laying in the hospital room. We were watching NXT laying in the hospital room. We were watching Elimination Chamber laying in the hospital room. I literally watch everything. I'm a wrestling fan at the end of the day, and I enjoy good wrestling. I really enjoy watching my friends be successful. That makes me very, very happy.


"I don't know really where I fit in right now in the wrestling landscape. But I also feel like the wrestling landscape changes not on a monthly, but a weekly basis. Especially in this current time period. You know never know what's going to happen next. It's one of the things where a new company could pop up, this person's going to be in charge, or this person's going to do this, or this person's going to do that, or AEW's doing this, or ROH is doing this, NXT is doing this. It literally changes on a weekly basis."

As for Malcolm Bivens, he continues on as the leader of the Diamond Mine stable on WWE NXT, with standout members like Roderick Strong, Ivy Nile, and the Creed Brothers working under his management.