Video: Mike Tyson Rains Down Punches On Passenger During Flight

WWE Hall of Famer and Legendary Boxing star Mike Tyson made the news today, striking a man in the face several times on a JetBlue plane ride Wednesday night after the man engaged Tyson as the flight was ready to leave the airport.


According to the TMZ Sports report, the incident occurred around 10:30 PM PT when Tyson was flying out of San Francisco to Florida. The man who was beatdown by Tyson told TMZ Sports that the boxing legend took a selfie with him and was "initially cool with them and the other passengers." However, Tyson got bothered after the man and his friend kept trying to talk to the boxing superstar in the seat in front of them. Sources close to Tyson claimed that the man was extremely intoxicated, and kept bothering him in his seat.

Tyson apparently had enough of the constant chatter and attacked with several punches to the man's face. Smartphone video from the incident shows Tyson throwing blows to the man's head, which bloodied the passenger and led to Tyson walking off the plane just seconds after.


The man who was attacked reportedly received medical attention and went to the police over the incident but no charges have been confirmed at this time.

Mike Tyson was last seen in a wrestling ring for AEW on Dynamite last year, joining the Inner Circle during his mini-feud with Chris Jericho that spanned over a few weeks. It was also reported just last year that WWE tried to bring back the Legendary Boxer for SummerSlam 2021, involving him in voice-over work but nothing involving wrestling.