MJF has made it clear that he has no interest in wrestling at the AEW – NJPW crossover pay-per-view event, titled Forbidden Door, which takes place in June.

On Friday, the leader of The Pinnacle sent out the following tweet:

Stop booking me and tagging me in “dream matches” for the forbidden door show.

Not doing it.

Earlier this year, MJF said on The Ariel Helwani show that he watches all pro wrestling with the exception of NJPW.

“I watch everything,” MJF said. “I see everything and I watch everything, except New Japan. New Japan sucks. It’s just the sh–s. There’s some guys there that are cool, like I think the Great-O-Khan is kind of cool. But yeah, not my thing. Goes back to the move thing, they’re just cracking each other in the skull over and over again. They’re just dummies. Concussions are real.”

In another interview with Wrestling Perspective podcast, MJF said he was tired of wrestling fans comparing him to Jay White, but also floated the possibility of a match with the Bullet Club member.

“I must be tweeted in about 1000 Tweets a day with a guy named Jay White, and I’m getting real sick of it,” MJF stressed. “Okay, I’m gonna be honest, I have not seen enough of this man’s stuff. But I can tell you this. Nobody’s on my level. So I would like to have that match just to quell any ridiculousness that is these comparisons.”

It’s likely MJF was tweeting in kayfabe, and could be a part of the AEW – NJPW supercard. The Forbidden Door pay-per-view will take place June 26 at the United Center in Chicago.

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