Road Dogg Recalls Cody Rhodes Cage Match That Left Dusty “Pissed”

During the latest episode of the Oh... You Didn't Know? Podcast with "Road Dogg" Brian James, the former WWE superstar talked about Cody Rhodes and revealed an interaction he had with The American Nightmare and his father Dusty Rhodes in 2014.


The New Age Outlaws and The Rhodes Brothers [Dustin and Cody] faced off in February of 2014 in a steel cage match where Cody hit a moonsault off the cage onto Road Dogg that he did not catch Cody on. James detailed how Dusty was very upset with him backstage after his mistake with Cody and noted that the WWE Hall of Famer apologized to him down the road for freaking out on him at that moment.

"I told him I'm not going to catch you in a 69, I'm not going to catch you perfectly," James said, regarding Cody's moonsault spot during their match. "He said all 'I need you to do is stick your arm out there,' and I said I'll do that. They cut to a different camera, it looked great but Dusty was pissed. When I went to NXT not long after that, he apologized to me.


"That's the truth, Dusty said 'hey man, that's my baby boy,' I said 'Dusty, you don't have to apologize to me, I totally understand.' That's what it is, I had no problem with Dusty wanting to protect his child and being interested in his child's safety."

A big topic of conversation in WWE as of late has been the company's decision to remove talents' first names, including Riddle and Theory, as well as established stars like Gunther and Butch. Road Dogg spoke about one all-time great talent that WWE also had change names and why it was never a big deal to him.

"For me, it was Terry Funk," James said. "They could've called him [anything] and I wouldn't have cared, it's Terry Funk. It's the same with today's deal, 'they changed his name, they changed so and so's name,' it's the same dude, it's the same guy. If you like Terry Funk, you like Chainsaw Charlie, get over it. I've always felt that way and I know I'm alone when a lot of people say it means everything, they changed his name. Well in six months, he's Chainsaw Charlie, nobody cares."

Speaking of Terry Funk, on a Monday Night RAW in February of 1998, he and Mick Foley were both inside a dumpster and thrown off the RAW stage by the New Age Outlaws. Having been involved in the scene, Road Dogg spoke about the preparation for that spot the day of and what Vince McMahon had to do with that spot happening.


"Guess who got in that thing and took that ride first? Vince McMahon," James said. "He's done that so many times, the zipline with Shawn Michaels, jumping off of stuff onto a crash pad. He's done that so many times to show I'm not asking you to do something that I wouldn't do myself. You can think what you want to about him but he's a man's man, and he's an interesting man."

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