The Former Walter Addresses Name Change To Gunther In WWE NXT

WWE Superstars Imperium recently spoke with Wrestling Inc's Managing Editor Nick Hausman at WWE's WrestleMania 38 media row.

During the conversation, the top of Gunther's new physique was brought up. The former NXT UK Champion has trimmed down recently and admits that is down to diet, although he did like the bigger heavyweights as a fan.

"I guess I eat less," he said. "I always worked out a lot, but for the first time, I have really focused on my nutrition. These guys really pushed me. I've got to say, when I was a wrestling fan, I always liked the look of the solid heavyweights in Japan who had a little bit of a gut carrying around, just brawls and stuff like that. But, at the end of the day, you've got to go with the times, and evolve a little bit, and that's what I did."

Earlier this year, Gunther went through a major name change. The transition saw a good deal of backlash from the fans. However, he admitted it did not bother him at all and that the same reaction would have happened if the names were reversed.

"Not all to be honest," Gunther asserted. "If it would be the other way around, and it would be Gunther before and Walter now, it would have been the same uproar. A lot of people react negatively to change. Change is normal in life, and it's part of it, and we have to go with it."

The Imperium leader also provided an update in regards to where he now lives. The NXT 2.0 star confirmed he is now based in America.

"I am living over here now, and finally we are all on the same side of the pond," he said.

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