AEW star and Ring of Honor TV Champion Samoa Joe sat down with the New York Post to talk about his recent arrival to AEW and his departure from WWE earlier this year.

Not one to get frustrated over things not always working out, Joe talked about not dwelling on how things ended in WWE. Instead, he is focusing on what’s coming next for him.

“I wasn’t overly frustrated with everything,” Joe said. “I mean, things like that happen. It worked out at times and sometimes it didn’t and that’s how it goes. I don’t really sit here and dwell on things and punish myself over things that I cannot change or never will be changed. I’m squarely focused on what’s ahead of me and not behind.”

When asked how he and others felt about the formation of AEW in 2019 as potential competition, Joe stated that he felt it was a good thing. He believes others in WWE thought the same, largely because he can’t fathom anyone thinking competition wasn’t healthy.

“The more competition there is the more it drives the other guy to do better, to be better,” Joe said. “It’s healthy for the industry. It’s healthy for everybody. Nobody was like ‘oh no, not another place to work.’ And anyone who was like that, it’s just asinine and stupid. I don’t know why anyone would think that.”

Samoa Joe was involved in the AEW debut of Satnam Singh last week, an angle that many felt could have been done better, including AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan. While Joe agrees, it’s not something he feels people should harp on.

“I think hemming and hawing over minor things like that are ridiculous,” Joe said. “I understand people have their opinions and feel a certain way about it, but I personally think it’s silly to sit here and continue to harp on it.”

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