As seen below, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson posted a new video to social media earlier today that gives a look at the brand new XFL logo.

It also provides a video with the mission statement of the company going forward.

“Pumped to reveal our new @XFL2023 logo as we build our organization and shape our one of a kind, hungry XFL culture,” Dwayne Johnson writes from his Twitter account. “X represents the INTERSECTION OF DREAMS & OPPORTUNITY. To all our XFL players, coaches, fans; You bring the dreams – we’ll bring the opportunity. Now LFG! #XFL2023

The video included with The Rock’s tweet shows several clips of XFL games of the past and promises football fans that the revamped product will offer something unique to viewers.

“Football is fueled by dreams,” the video says. “To go further, get there faster, those wins don’t just happen, they must be claimed. Work for today, achieve together. The XFL is where the full potential of football is realized both on and off the field. Give cities new reasons to cheer, partners new platforms to build on, and people a deeper sense of fandom. And athletes [receive] a new path to live their passion and play professional football.

“This is tomorrow’s league, driven by a new purpose and a shared commitment. Powered by new leadership, this is for all of us, and the only way to get there is to get there together. To change the way football is experienced, where passion meets a field of possibility. Tomorrow’s league starts today. Welcome to the XFL.”

As noted earlier this year, the XFL is aiming for a January 2023 launch window for their football training camps to begin. The football league went on sale and was purchased after its 2020 season was cut short following week five due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, all major employees were let go at that time.

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