The Rock's Company Working On Wrestling Show For Vice, Dark Side Of The Ring Update

WWE Legend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Seven Bucks Productions company is partnering with Dark Side of the Ring creators Evan Husney and Jason Eisener for a new TV series to air on Vice.

We noted before how Jim Ross revealed that he was working with Seven Bucks on a wrestling project that would focus on the territory days of pro wrestling. JR said he was being joined by fellow WWE Hall of Famers Michael Hayes, Ted DiBiase and Jake Roberts for one episode on Mid-South Wrestling.


In an update, the Wrestling Observer reports that JR was referring to the new Vice series, which will cover the territorial days of the business. The idea is that there will be episodes on the different top territories each week, plus episodes on other topics, such as women's wrestling in the territory days.

The show will have a similar format to WWE's Table For 3, where there will be a panel of guests reminiscing about their time in the territories.

It was noted that a key to the Mid-South episode is that with Rock's involvement, WWE is represented as Hayes was allowed to appear on the project.

While Dark Side of the Ring was the most popular show ever for Vice TV, it was not renewed for a fourth season. The Observer points to how there was significant controversy coming off the Plane Ride form Hell episode because they were relying on memories of people from 20 years ago, and apparently there were inconsistencies with some of the stories as there were multiple flights from Europe where wrestlers were drunk and out of control. There were also complaints from people like JR, Tommy Dreamer and WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam about how they were depicted on the Plane Ride from Hell episode, claiming they were taken out of context.


Vice officially announced their 2022-2023 programming line-up this past week, and there was no mention of Dark Side of the Ring.

There's no word on when Vice's new series on the pro wrestling territory days will premiere, or what the title will be, but we will keep you updated.