Impact Wrestling Vignette Points To Return Of Former World Champion

Several memorable moments occurred during last night's Impact Rebellion pay-per-view, including three different titles switching hands. Even the Impact World Championship changed hands in the main event, as Josh Alexander defeated Moose in singles action.


Another interesting moment occurred last night when a cryptic vignette played that advertised "EGV is coming". As seen in the video below, a melancholy alternative rock song plays while images of lights, x-rays, and pictures of  Eddie Edwards and Josh Alexander burn up.

The letters EGV are in bright yellow letters and are easy to make out, but what some fans might have missed was the binary code message in the video. Halfway through, a code is quickly shown that gives a major hint at which star the vignette is actually for.

"01010011 01000001 01001101 01101001" translates to "Sami" when decoded, pointing toward the return of former Impact World Champion, Sami Callihan.

Callihan suffered a broken ankle, as well as a broken tibia and fibula in his left leg back while performing a suicide dive in September 2021. He later underwent surgery in Nashville and was released from the hospital shortly thereafter. He was expected to be out until mid-2022, so it looks like he may be returning slightly ahead of schedule.


The "EGV" teases that Callihan may bring a new spin to his former "OVE" (Ohio Versus Everything) moniker that he used often.

Stay tuned for updates on Sami Callihan.