WWE WrestleMania 38 night Two: Omos vs. Bobby Lashley

Omos vs. Bobby Lashley

Back from a break and out comes Omos as we get a video on what led to this match. Omos marches to the ring and steps over the ropes. Out next comes Bobby Lashley to a pop. Lashley hits the corner to pose as pyro goes off.

The bell rings and they stare each other down. Lashley kicks but Omos catches it and sends him to the mat with one shot. Omos clubs Lashley in the back of the head. Lashley mounts some offense and goes for the big suplex but Omos fights him off. Omos with more big strikes. Omos man-handles Lashley by his head in the middle of the ring until Lashley suddenly powers out. Omos quickly takes back control and clubs him to the mat.

Lashley slaps Omos but that just angers him. Omos unloads and splashes Lashley down in the corner. Omos charges again but Lashley trips him into the turnbuckles, and again. Lashley goes for the Hurt Lock in the middle of the ring but Omos easily powers out and drops Lashley to the mat. Omos yells at Lashley to get back up. Omos grabs him and shoves him over the top rope to the floor with ease.

Lashley meets Omos on the apron and stuns him. They bring it in and Lashley leaps off the second rope with a crossbody but Omos catches him in mid-air, puts him on his shoulders and then launches the veteran to the mat. Omos charges but runs into an elbow. Omos catches Lashley with a bear-hug now. Omos rams Lashley back into the turnbuckles and the back of his head hits the ring post. Omos with another bear-hug now and Graves says Lashley appears to be knocked out on his feet from the turnbuckle spot.

Omos tightens the hug but Lashley fights out. Lashley attacks with big right hands, then sends Omos into the corner. Lashley with a kick to the gut. Lashley goes for the big suplex again but Omos fights out. Lashley counters and tries again, this time he gets the suplex over but just barely off the mat. Lashley is fired up now as fans cheer him on. Lashley with a big Spear, and another. Lashley covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

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