AEW wrestler Adam Cole appeared on SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio ahead of his Owen Hart Foundation Tournament first round match against FTR’s Dax Harwood tomorrow night on Dynamite.

Cole, who joined All Elite Wrestling from WWE in September 2021, discussed the difference between his time in NXT and working under Tony Khan.

“I’d say, by far the biggest difference is NXT had a very hands-on approach, which is wonderful,” Cole explained.”It’s a great learning experience when you look at guys like Shawn Michaels and Triple H, who have an exact vision of where they wanted it to go, how they wanted the promos to sound, what they wanted us to say. Then as time went on, I got more freedom, I guess you can call it. Whether it be with promos and matches, because they started to trust me.

“With AEW, it was from the beginning. No one has ever handed me a script for a promo. No one has ever told me directly how they want my match to go. You get that creative process and that freedom to do as you please. Especially if you’re someone who’s trusted fortunately, but with AEW from the beginning, I’ve been trusted. I’d say, they definitely give you a lot more stuff to play with and using your own creative process to go about things how you want to.”

Adam Cole revealed that he stayed in regularly contact with The Young Bucks during his time on NXT. The Undisputed Elite member said it was great being able to reunite with them in AEW.

“My entire time when I was in NXT, I stayed very close with The Young Bucks,” Adam said. “We would always keep in touch. You know, I know they were very busy. I was very busy, but it never felt like we lost that friendship. And then going back, being able to see them every week, talk to them about their families and what we have going on at home and all that stuff, it’s been awesome.”

The former NXT Champion also opened up about his relationship with AEW Owner & President Tony Khan, and how the co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham FC has an open door policy.

“I got to know Tony [Khan] a little bit, even before I started working for AEW,” Adam Cole said. “When I would go to the New Year’s Eve parties, or I would go and watch Britt [Baker]. I got to meet and talk with everyone, and I got to meet Tony as well. He was always very friendly, very, very nice guy.

“But since working with him, absolutely. I feel like any time of the night, at any point in the day, I can shoot him a text or give him a call. And even if he can’t get back to me immediately, because he’s a very busy guy, I know he will make time and get back to me.

“His passion for pro wrestling is so contagious, that you can’t help but get excited. Whether it be getting ready to do something or just ping-ponging ideas back and forth, he’s very open to a bunch of different ideas, and at the end of the day, he’s someone that loves pro wrestling with his entire heart and soul. And if you love wrestling that much, me and you are going to get along really, really well.”

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