AEW Star Arrested, Charged With Domestic Battery

Former WWE NXT star and currently signed All Elite Wrestling talent, Jake Atlas, is being charged with domestic battery.

Back on May 23 in Orlando, Florida, police responded to a report of domestic violence at the home of Atlas (Kenny Sanchez Martinez), according to PWInsider. The police report claims that Atlas called his longtime partner to come pick him up after drinking at "Big Daddy's Roadhouse" the previous night. When his partner arrived, Atlas apparently encouraged him to stay at the bar and drink with friends.


They stayed at the location until Atlas wanted to go back to "another friend's house to be intimate together", but he became upset when his partner was giving attention to someone else, sparking a "verbal argument". Atlas "became physically aggressive" and charged at the victim, his partner, which led to a nearby witness stepping in to prevent an attack. The witness convinced Atlas to return home and "sleep it off" since the former NXT star was clearly intoxicated.

His partner left the apartment but Atlas would follow, continuing to yell at him as he tried to leave. Another attempt at a physical attack occurred, and despite witnesses trying to step in and help, Atlas left the victim with a scratch on his left forearm and a torn tank top.


He was separated from his partner once more and was convinced to get into a car, but then demanded to re-enter his apartment to retrieve his dog. When he made it back to the apartment that he shared with the victim, Atlas refused to leave despite multiple opportunities. That was when the police were called.

The report goes on to say that the officer gave Atlas many opportunities to give his side of the story but he only wanted to "speak badly" about the victim. It was determined that Atlas was the aggressor and he was then placed under arrest.

Since the incident, Atlas signed a no-contact order that agrees to have no communication and stay at least 500 feet away from the victim. He was released from jail later on 5/23 and is set to appear before an Orange County Court on 6/28. He will be officially arraigned at 7:30 AM that morning.

Shortly after making his debut with AEW and signing a contractAtlas suffered a torn ACL during an AEW "Rampage" match against Adam Cole. He underwent surgery on February 16. The AEW debut was his first match since stepping away from pro wrestling due to struggles with his mental health.

As of this writing, Jake Atlas has not publicly commented on the arrest.


Stay tuned for updates.