Becky Lynch Warns Fans About Scammers Posing As WWE Stars

Becky Lynch took to Twitter last night and issued a warning to fans who continue to get scammed by impostor WWE Superstars on social media.

Scammers often pose as various celebrities to commit fraud on unsuspecting fans. This has been an issue among the pro wrestling community as of late, including when one fan allegedly sold their house to help a scammer posing as Liv Morgan.


Lynch reminded fans on Twitter that no real WWE Superstars would ever ask for money or gift cards. She added that the number of times she's heard of this happening is sickening.

"It should go without saying, but I, or any other WWE superstar, Would not ever message any fan looking for money or gift cards. Please, if anyone ever messages you, pretending to be me, asking for money, or anything else, immediately block and report. The amount of times I have heard of this happening is sickening," Lynch wrote.

Lynch's replies on Twitter were full of fans who have encountered scammers on the platform.

You can see her full tweet below: