After responding to Booker T’s feedback on his ‘flaming superkick’ spot, Joey Janela has seemingly earned the respect of the wrestling legend.

Janela had chosen to light his foot on fire at the GCW Maniac event before delivering a superkick, a spot Booker called “The stupidest thing I ever seen in my career.” On Twitter, the former AEW star came back with “Sheesh coming from a guy who also had fire on his gear for half his career,” a reference to Booker’s time as part of the tag team Harlem Heat, when his ring gear was regularly festooned with flames.

On his latest “Hall Of Fame podcast” episode, Booker said the response was “kind of like a jab back,” but that he didn’t take offense to it.

“It wasn’t over the top, it wasn’t saying anything negative towards me or anything like that,” Booker said. “It was just making the reference to me wearing flames on my outfit … I didn’t take offense to it or anything like that, but I thought it would have been more.”

As it turned out, there was more. Janela went on to admit that Booker was correct with his opinion, tweeting “On that note, I’ll see myself out” and “Also Booker is correct.” That left the two-time Hall Of Famer with an improved opinion of GCW’s Bad Boy, particularly as Booker believes that most current wrestlers would see his criticism “as me really bashing them,” which wasn’t his intent.

“I hope that perhaps I can work with him and get him down to Reality Of Wrestling and do something,” Booker said. “Those two tweets let me know how smart he was. Sometimes we have to take constructive criticism and go, ‘Dammit, that was the stupidest thing, man what was I thinking?’ … I looked at it and go, ‘Man, I like this guy a whole lot more today than I did yesterday,’ that’s what I thought about Joey Janela.”

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