Current GCW star and former AEW star Joey Janela made headlines this weekend after he lit his boot on fire to hit a flaming superkick in his match against Drew Parker at GCW Maniac. To Janela’s surprise, the flames didn’t go out, forcing several GCW crew members to enter the ring to put the fire out. Janela avoided injury and the match resumed, with Parker ultimately pulling out the win.

In addition to the loss, Janela has also faced criticism from numerous members of the wrestling industry, including WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. On his “Hall of Fame” podcast, the long-time Harlem Heat member “torched” Janela’s actions, calling his flaming superkick “the stupidest thing” Booker had seen in his long career.

Never one to shy away from criticism, or to pass up the opportunity for a laugh, Janela responded to Booker’s thoughts on Tuesday with a reference to Booker’s WCW days.

“Sheesh coming from a guy who also had fire on his gear for half his career,” Janela tweeted.

Janela is of course referring to the attire Booker T wore during his days as a member of Harlem Heat with brother Stevie Ray, where the two brothers wore flames on their pants/singlets. No word yet on if or how Booker T will respond to Janela’s joke.

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