Video: Joey Janela Struggles To Put Out Fire After Spot At GCW Maniac

Joey Janela is likely keeping his foot on ice this morning.

Last night's GCW "Maniac" event from the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California saw a brutal main event match between Joey Janela and Drew Parker. As impressive as the ending of the bout was when Parker swanton bombed off a giant ladder, it was an unplanned spot moments before that got the internet buzzing.


Janela wanted to amplify the efficacy of his superkick during the match, so he doused his foot in lighter fluid and set it ablaze. He then connected with a flaming superkick to the face of Drew Parker, but instead of the flames being quickly put out as Janela hoped, the fire kept burning.

There was a sense of panic as water bottles from people at ringside were tossed into the ring. Janela was trying to stomp at the fire as the referee was pouring as much water as possible over the burning area, but the fire continued on. GCW staff then rushed into the ring and helped him smother the flames, and the match continued on.

Janela has since commented on his recovery process. Via Twitter, 'The Bad Boy' writes, "Trying to go to bed but it still won't go out... I already spent $36 at the vending machine on 7 bottles of water... Tried WebMD too... Any suggestions?"


Other standout matches from last night's show include a six-man scramble for the GCW Extreme Title that saw AJ Gray retain against Starboy Charlie, Jack Cartwheel, Cole Radrick, Ninja Mack, & Jimmy Lloyd. Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch) also defended their titles when they put the GCW Tag Belts on the line against Journey Fatu & Juicy Finau last night. You can see full results from the show at this link.