CM Punk Blasts “Carny Dipsh*t” Eric Bischoff

CM Punk has taken to Twitter in to blast former WCW President Eric Bischoff after Bischoff shared a small clip from his podcast which was focused specifically on AEW. Bishoff claimed that Tony Khan's company needs better storytelling to create growth and urged AEW to focus on the other 900 audience members in the room, as opposed to just the 100 hardcore fans.


Bischoff has spoken at length about AEW and the need to grow a casual audience. On a recent episode of Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff, he spoke about CM Punk specifically. Bischoff claimed that Punk never spent time in the television industry, which was a response to Punk having said he doesn't believe a casual fan exists now.

"The casual fan is still out there," Bischoff said. "If you build it, honest to god as corny as it sounds, if you build it, your audience will show up. They will, that lapsed fan is another term I've heard in a lot of research that I did. 'I used to watch wrestling but I don't watch that sh** anymore.' Sometimes it's just life, your job, your kids, whatever. If anybody's going to try to convince me that you can't find that audience again, they shouldn't be in the wrestling business.


"All due respect to CM Punk, CM Punk never spent five minutes in the television business. He knows a lot about what's going on in the wrestling ring. He knows a lot about building a character, more than I ever will in terms of executing it. But to make the casual statement that, 'I think the lapsed fan is gone and I don't think they're ever going to come back.' What the f*ck are you doing in the television business then dude? It makes no sense to me, I don't believe it's true."

This was a take that CM Punk clearly disagreed with, as the AEW star does not want to see people from the past giving out what he believes to be bad takes. CM Punk is never shy about giving out his opinion on matters, and this is one he appears to be passionate about.

"Wrestling twitter needs to stop amplifying all the old head bad faith bad take carny dipshits. They had their moment in the sun. Let them die in the dark with their ego podcasts. Quote me," wrote Punk.