Cody Rhodes Wants To Bring Back The Double Eagle WWE Championship

During the latest episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, Cody Rhodes joined the show to talk about his return to WWE and some of the things he's done to get acclimated to the company. The American Nightmare mentioned one key factor of the WWE that will help him expand his career physically.


"Bus culture, I'm getting used to this," Rhodes said. "Again, I'm not going to try to take it for granted but what a way to expand your career physically, in terms of, oh my gosh, it's all here. I can bring my family on the road with me, it's all right in front of me and not having to do the rental cars and the flights every day. The bus culture, I'm really getting into. I did find that me being a new bus, I feel like they put me in the new bus position which at the last three shows was directly where the fans gather in the parking lot... I'll spend all day with the fans, but you do have to walk by them three or four times."

The American Nightmare also spoke about his AEW departure during the podcast, talking about how the company wouldn't exist without him. Continuing to talk about the WWE, Cody Rhodes also mentioned one aspect of wrestling he wants to be brought back to the business today.


"Those need to be brought back to wrestling, by the way, the classic sets," Rhodes said. "I feel like if you have a talk segment, you need a bad set. That's the definition of it."

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes also spoke about his quest to win the WWE Championship during his latest run with WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion went back in time and spoke about bringing back the old-school IC title during his title reign and whether or not he'd do the same with the WWE Championship.

"I did do that once with the Intercontinental title, it took a lot of work but it was the right call once we got there," Rhodes said. "I think there's a particular design of the WWE Championship that people are very fond of. I'd say hypothetically it really would be something to achieve the ultimate industry dream, being the best of the best ever in terms of that moment in time, and then perhaps give it a fresh coat of paint with the winged eagle [title]. That would just be something, that's all I can really say."

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