Diamond Dallas Page is excited about AEW “Double Or Nothing,” but there’s one match in particular he can’t wait to see: MJF vs. Wardlow.

“There’s no way I will miss that match, because I want to see what they’ve come up with,” Page said during the latest episode of “DDP Snake Pit,” which he co-hosts with Jake “The Snake” Roberts. “There’s nothing hotshot about this, this is a three-year story accumulating, and this is the beginning of it.”

Page and Roberts recently singled out MJF for praise, comparing him to the legendary “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, but they are also big fans of Wardlow. Page says he’s been impressed from the beginning, but that Wardlow’s cage match with Cody Rhodes in February 2020 was the one that really made Page a believer.

“When he first got there, I met him down at the Nightmare Factory, great kid,” Page said. “Cody, he said, ‘This guy is going to be one of the biggest babyfaces in the business.’ No one even knows who he is yet, he’s not Wardlow yet, and I took an interest … Where he proved it to me was when he went out and did that match with Cody. And when Cody went off the top of the cage, and did the moonsault off the top with a kid who’s not been working a year, and you know he’s going to be there? Wow, man. That’s where he totally got elevated for me … He’s really got something. And this is going to be a big test going into this PPV for those two.”

Technically, the match between Wardlow and his erstwhile employer hasn’t yet been signed for Double of Nothing — after taking the stipulated ten lashes from MJF last week on “AEW Dynamite,” Wardlow must now defeat MJF flunky Shawn Spears on this week’s episode in order to get his match. But that’s all theater. Barring some truly unprecedented booking on the part of AEW creative, the match is set in stone, and it’s the main reason Page will be watching.

“I don’t care what else is on the card,” he said. “Not to take away from anybody else, that’s the one that I’m tuning in for. Because I’m connected to it, but also as a wrestling fan, I’m connected to it, and I want to know. I want to see what happens, I want to see who brings the A-game. Who knows when to back off, and who knows how to come on, how do they dance together?”

“I think that him and Max are going to have a hell of a show,” Page continued. “The whole PPV card top to bottom looks really good, but the main one I am tuning in for is to see what (they do). This could be one of those Dusty Rhodes/[Terry] Funk [feuds] that lasted forever … one of those feuds that lasted 20 years.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit DDP Snake Pit with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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