A video recently went viral online when it appeared that Brooke Hogan was dodging further questions about the Hulk Hogan’s role in shutting down the idea for a Wrestler’s Union.

“It’s funny because I was talking to Brittney Page, Diamond Dallas Page’s daughter, and we were like, ‘why isn’t there a wrestling union,’” Brooke said. “I gave it a Google and I really don’t want to dive into that.”

“There’s a reason,” Matt B. Davis of The LockUp Podcast said, while adding, “and his name is.” In response, Brooke said she didn’t want to delve further into the topic.

“I don’t know,” Brooke Hogan said. “I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura previously tried to start a union in the wrestling business and sued Vince McMahon for classifying pro wrestlers as independent contractors. When McMahon was deposed in court, he revealed it was Hulk Hogan who informed him that Ventura was trying to start a wrestler’s union.

But now, the full video of the interview has been posted online and it gives viewers a clearer context about the full discussion Brooke and the interviewer are having. The energy between the two remains friendly as Brooke is asked about how she continues looking well as she ages compared to some people in pro wrestling.

They get into a discussion about wrestlers roughing up their bodies so much that it can often lead to abusing drugs and alcohol to subside the pain. That is why she questions if there’s a way a Wrestler’s Union can someday exist so aging stars of the past get the medical attention they need.

“What’s really sad is these guys get into bad things because there is no care for them. So, you know, I know just from having back spasms and this and that, I kind of take from dad a little bit in that area. You get desperate when you’re in a certain amount of pain and you’re like, ‘Okay, this muscle relaxer is not working. Like, do I have a glass of wine with it or not?’

“You know, you have to really make that conscious decision, but these guys aren’t me just doing my interior design or whatever,” Brooke Hogan continues. “They’re taking a beating every single day and they don’t really have a choice. So when they have no one to take care of them, and not the proper medical attention, and not doctors watching them and they’re just handling themselves to keep making the money because they’re obligated and they have to show, it’s a recipe for disaster.”

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