Gurv Sihra, one half of The Bollywood Boyz, recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. owner Raj Giri on The Wrestling Inc. Daily about Satnam Singh. The former basketball star recently debuted for AEW, and Sihra is happy for his success so far.

“I saw it on social media, I saw whatever was on Twitter,” he said on Singh’s AEW debut. “But we actually met Satnam years ago when he first came through the PC for a tryout there. I remember being there for his tryouts there that week. I think at that time he was still focused on his basketball and wanted to put that still in the forefront.

“But I am happy for Satnam, a great guy, people should know his story. He comes from, I don’t know what the exact town is in Punjab, but humble beginnings for him too, right? What a story for him. He’s another guy making so many people proud, I am very happy for him.”

When it comes to AEW, Gurv Sihra admitted that he hasn’t spoken with Tony Khan himself. Right now, he’s just focusing on putting in the work to be ready if a call comes from someone.

“I have never spoken with Tony Khan, no. But we have been watching as much wrestling as whatever is available on television, we will watch. But people tweet, ‘oh, when are you going here, or when are you going there?’ It’ll just happen when it happens, we can’t lose sleep over something we have no control over.

“We just have to keep doing our thing. Last time we spoke to you we were still training, still staying in ring shape, ready. Doing everything we have to do to. We’ve been in the game for 15, 16 years, so for us, we know what to do. Timing’s everything, who knows who’s going to call, when, you’ve just got to be ready.

“I have no real answer to it, if something comes up, obviously we’ll go from there, until then we’ll just try to make as much buzz on our own, and stay busy.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit The Wrestling Inc. Daily with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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