When Jim Ross spoke on last week’s episode of the Grilling JR Podcast about Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ health issues, Roberts apparently took exception to it.

The AEW Commentator said Roberts’ “isn’t in good health,” while talking about how he is battling breathing issues as well as having surgeries he still has to undergo. Ross noted that is a huge reason we don’t see him on AEW as often. Roberts responded back, refuting his comments on Twitter by saying it’s totally untrue and that he’ll be around for a long time on his social media account.

Ross clarified his comments about Jake’s health on this week’s episode of the podcast, mentioning that he didn’t intend to cause an issue for Roberts and that Roberts would know more about his own health than Ross would. The former WWE Head of Talent Relations also mentioned that he knows Roberts has been using a breathing machine and carries oxygen with him.

“I said some stuff about Jake’s health and his breathing issues and he denies as sickly as I portrayed him to be,” Ross said. “Maybe he’s right, he’d know better than me. But I know that his health has been challenging, he’s got a breathing machine, oxygen he carries with him and to me, that’s not normal but he’s dealing with it. He’s under great doctor’s care and I didn’t want to start some bullsh*t about Jake because it might affect his bookings.

‘I was going to sign Jake for an appearance but I heard JR say he wasn’t in good health so maybe I’ll pass on that,’ don’t pass on Jake Roberts for doing anything. Put him to work, that’s going to be the best medicine you can give the guy and you’ll be happy you did. I don’t intend, nor do I now, to stir the s--t, but it was just an update on a guy that I respect who’s changed his life a great deal and I can only hope that he continues to change in a positive way and reap the benefits.”

Roberts was last seen on AEW Dynamite on the April 27 episode of the show where he was ringside for Lance Archer’s match with Wardlow.

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