Jimmy Uso Names WWE Star Who Will “Very Likely” Join The Bloodline

During the latest episode of WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves, The Usos joined the show to talk about their recent success aligning themselves with their cousin Roman Reigns and his special council Paul Heyman as The Bloodline.


Jey Uso talked about the formation of The Bloodline and why they never had any doubt about the name of the faction.

"I'll tell you this, man, when we got together, we knew the name was Bloodline," Jey said. "Like we knew it was going to be Bloodline, regardless, whatever they say, whatever, 'There's a name you guys need to come up with,' f*ck that, it's Bloodline, dog."

Speaking of the bloodline of the Anoa'i family, Solo Sikoa [Joseph Fatu] is currently working for WWE down in NXT and is in a storyline involving NXT North American Champion Cameron Grimes. Jey Uso spoke about his younger brother Solo and also talked about the other members of the family that are coming up and going to make an impact in the wrestling business in the future.


"You ain't got no idea how many cousins are lined up," Jey said. "They watch us on TV every week, Uce, and they ready for this, they want to carry on the name, carry on the family business. We legit are going to be in this business 50 more years, legit 100 years in this game."

Continuing to talk about The Bloodline, Jimmy Uso spoke about the potential of his wife joining the faction and revealed why he believes she's ready to make that jump.

"It's very likely man, she talks about it a lot," Jimmy Uso said. "She talks about it like 'I'm ready to just snap.' She can snap man, she's snapped on my a** plenty of times so she could bring that promo. She's so ready to try something new, yanno? She's always been adaptive, she gets it that's why she's been around. Sometimes I forget she's been here 10 years too."

Special Councel to the group Paul Heyman has also spoken about Naomi joining the group, saying he believes the group could add more people to it as time goes on.

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