Kota Ibushi Reportedly Declined Getting Shoulder Surgery

Kota Ibushi refused to get shoulder surgery following his injury, despite being advised to get it,  according to Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

Because Kota Ibushi has already had surgery on that area before, he has opted against it. That could be one of the reasons why the recovery has been tougher for him. The New Japan Pro Wrestling star does not want to return to the ring until he is healthy enough to do so, and this has caused issues between him and the company.


New Japan had advertised him for the New Japan Cup, but Kota Ibushi did not feel like he was ready, and he still doesn't feel close to being ready. The injury took place back in October during a match against Okada when he did a Phoenix Splash and landed on his shoulder. The match was stopped due to the injury.

Kota Ibushi has been very vocal on Twitter recently about his thoughts regarding New Japan Pro Wrestling. He has taken shots at the company, calling out "sexually harassing bosses" at one point. He has vowed to expose certain things about the promotion coming up. Right now it appears that his future with New Japan is very uncertain.

When it comes to how he got injured, Kota has previously told Tokyo Sports that he had been able to practice the move. Despite that, there were some fluctuations, and a slight difference could make a big impact, such as his weight.


"There was a reason for that: weight control," revealed Ibushi. "I've been losing and gaining weight up to this point. I was able to practice [the Phoenix Splash], but there were too many fluctuations. A hundred grams difference would make all the difference (in the sensation). It's such an advanced technique. That's how advanced the technique is. Since the fight against KENTA (on the 18th), I've lost three kilograms on the same day. I intentionally increased my weight for the championship match, but I must have been fatigued... I'm sure my weight had an effect."

(H/T to POST Wrestling for the quotes)