Kyle O’Reilly Confirms Length Of His AEW Contract

How long will AEW Superstar Kyle O'Reilly remain All Elite? The answer is five years.

O'Reilly confirmed the news as a guest on the "Toddcast" podcast revealing that the AEW contract he signed back in December was five years long. The 35-year-old detailed what he'd like to be doing five years from now, highlighting aspirations of holding championship gold for All Elite Wrestling.


"For me, in five years I'll still be with AEW," O'Reilly said. "I signed a five-year deal with them so, hopefully, by then [I'm the] champion of the company or a several time tag champion and just having fun and never losing that love that I have for the business."

When O'Reilly made the jump to AEW from NXT, he described his contract coming to an end as a "blessing" because he was allowed to make his own decision, unlike other wrestlers who were being released at the time. O'Reilly came to AEW with his partner Bobby Fish and immediately reformed "The Undisputed Era" on day one.

As far as what the future holds for O'Reilly, the former NXT superstar wants to continue having great matches and not get caught up in the grind of what is professional wrestling.


"It's so easy to get jaded and get bitter and beat up in this line of work because sometimes it's just such a grind," O'Reilly said when talking about the next five years of his career. "You're traveling all the time, you're beat up, you're sore, you're not always getting used and I want to just be happy with what I've accomplished.

"Hopefully having kick-ass matches because that's what it's really about for me. It's just about getting in the ring and that's where Kyle O'Reilly is best-suited in those ropes and trying to have a good match with guys."

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