Matt Hardy Recalls Vince McMahon’s Reaction After Owen Hart Put Hogs In His Office

During the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW superstar spoke about the legacy of Owen Hart and the excitement he has for the upcoming Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Speaking of theOwen Cup, Matt also mentioned how influential a fellow former WWE superstar was in establishing this tournament in AEW.


"I heard about it from Chris Jericho, he was kind of the guy who made this a reality in a lot of ways. He was like the inner connection between Martha, the family, and AEW," Hardy said. "I know he talked about things they were wanting to do and it just sounded so cool, and he knew I was one of the guys who worked with Owen and knew him personally, so he was pretty excited to share that. And I thought it was a very cool detail. I'm so happy because I know AEW and I have all the confidence in the world that Tony Khan is going to do his best to make Owen Hart out to be the legend and lay in front of you the legacy of his career and all his contributions. All of his contributions led to the formation of AEW and the style of AEW."


This past week on Dynamite, Jeff Hardy qualified for the Owen Hart Cup, defeating Bobby Fish and punching his ticket into the tournament. Matt Hardy talked about the significance of Jeff qualifying for the tournament, and the stories AEW can tell with The Charismatic Enigma having wrestled Owen in the past.

"It's cool, it's very cool," Hardy said. "Jeff is the only one in the Owen Hart Tournament [so far] that wrestled with Owen Hart back in the day. There are four people now [in AEW], myself, Jeff, Christian, and Chris Jericho. There are others, Dustin has, Mark Henry. I think it's very cool that Jeff is in this Owen Hart Tournament and I think it's a cool story going with that story that he's one of the guys who worked with Owen, and Owen was like a mentor and one of his role models growing up. I think that's a great story with Jeff having a run and winning this thing."

AEW commentator Jim Ross spoke about Owen Hart on an episode of the Grilling JR Podcast, re-living one of the star's best ribs involving farm animals and Vince McMahon. Having worked for the company at the same time, Matt Hardy re-lived one of Owen's best ribs in the WWE.

"I remember Owen came roaring out saying, 'hey, hey, are you the guy with the hogs? You're the guy with the animals, right? I'll show you where to put them, come with me, come with me.' We followed this because he seemed very suspect when he was doing this, right? Like he was up to something," Hardy said. "Then you see him go through and there's always a huge sign where Vince's office is, and he removes the sign and says, 'This is where they go, they all go right in here, this is where you're going to store them until showtime.' They put several hogs in Vince's office and I remember thinking, like, oh my god, this f***ing crazy son of bi***, what's he trying to do get fired?


"He's dying laughing about it the whole time, and I remember we sat around and we watched just to survey the situation. We sat there, Vince comes walking back and he grabs the door, opens it and a hog comes running out. He sees all these hogs and he turns around and goes, 'OWWWEEENNNNN!!' I don't know how mad he got with him but he knew immediately, as soon as a hog ran out. That was ballsy, you could tell he was close with his boss."

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