WWE Hall Of Famer Heaps Praise On Seth Rollins For RAW Segment

WWE held Seth Rollins Appreciation Night on this week's RAW, and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley loved every second of it.

Live tweeting during RAW, Foley showered Rollins with praise for his over-the-top theatrics and ability to deliver a great promo.


This completely unglued @WWERollins has to be one of my favorite @WWE incarnations in recent years.

Absolutely brilliant – and he continues to back up the crazy with state of the art matches.

For those who missed the show, Rollins referred to himself as "a visionary, a revolutionary and a global sex icon" while asking the fans in Greensboro, NC to appreciate him. Just as the crowd started to chant for Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins asked the fans to watch a video clip to remind themselves of how good he is.

Rhodes would then interrupt Rollins, leading to a heated promo exchange between the two rivals. Rollins mentioned how WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes was an egomaniac who transcended the business, but was also never good enough to be WWE Champion. Rollins said the apple doesn't far from the tree, and that Rhodes would never become the top champion in WWE so long as he's still around. Just as Rollins broke into laughter, Rhodes hit him a springboard Cutter out of nowhere to end the segment.


You can see Mick Foley's tweet on Seth Rollins below. Rollins vs. Rhodes II will take place at the upcoming WrestleMania Backlash Premium Live Event. Rhodes scored the win during the previous encounter at WrestleMania 38.