During this week’s episode of the Monday Mailbag on AdFreeShows.com, former WWE referee Mike Chioda spoke about his release from the company two years ago.

Chioda was the longest-tenured WWE referee in history at the time, having first worked for the company in 1989. The legendary ref revealed a conversation he had with Triple H before being let go, where the two talked about the perfect plan for his retirement.

“I had talked to Triple H, we had talked about it, it was a couple of years prior [to my release],” Chioda said. “That’s why [me and my wife] made the move to Florida and he said to me, ‘I don’t want to see you refereeing when you’re 60-something years old.’ [I said], ‘I don’t want that s--t either, I definitely want to go out strong.’ At that point, the pandemic hit and everything. That blindsided me getting released by WWE. With the pandemic, I was still rehabbing my shoulder and I was not cleared to go back to work, so I got released.”

Mike Chioda revealed after his release, he had surgery on a torn rotator cuff before his release and moved to Florida to better deal with the situation. The longest-tenured WWE referee still believes he has a few more years left as a referee and doesn’t plan on retiring just yet.

“Making the move closer to Orlando, and if I had to work at the PC and do stuff down there or on the road with WWE, it didn’t matter. I told them too, ‘I don’t want to be refereeing till I’m 60-something years old. I got a good few more years.’ At this point, I definitely got a couple more good years in me. I still go with the good, young kids and can still move around in that ring. I’ve got a couple more years but I want to be training or doing something else at that point [at 60].”

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