Paul Heyman says it’s up to The Rock if a match between him and Roman Reigns were to ever come to fruition.

The self-proclaimed Special Counsel to the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman recently spoke with James Stewart of the 98.5 Sports Hub Inside The Ropes Show and explained how if his client were to face his cousin, future WWE Hall of Famer, The Rock, the ball is on the latter’s court.

“That’s up to The Rock. I mean, if The Rock wants to get his ass kicked in front of a hundred thousand people, whether it’s in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, New York, Miami, or the moon if Elon Musk colonizes it, Roman Reigns would be happy to smash to The Rock,” Heyman explained.

When it comes to other potential future challengers for Roman Reigns, Heyman explained that if anyone is a true big money draw or a box office attraction, Reigns is more than willing to give them an opportunity against ‘The Tribal Chief’.

“Anybody who’s great box office,” Heyman proclaimed. “This is the business and we’re in the business to make money, to draw money, to fill arenas and stadiums. Uh, and, and if he Elon Musk colonizes Mars to do WrestleMania from another planet. So, anybody who’s great box office, I want them in the ring with the tribal chief Roman Reigns.”

When asked about former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, Heyman claims that he respects McIntyre, and if it weren’t for Roman Reigns, McIntyre would be at the top of the mountain in WWE.

“I’m a big believer in Drew McIntyre,” Heyman admitted. “I’m a huge admirer of Drew McIntyre. I am a fan of drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre is worthy of stepping into the ring with the Tribal Chief. Drew McIntyre can bring a fight to the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. Drew McIntyre in any era, under any other circumstances, would be the heavyweight champion, but that’s Roman Reigns’ position. So, Drew McIntyre can’t have it, but if it wasn’t for Roman Reigns, the entire division would be wiped out by Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre could go down as one of, if not the greatest of all time. And then there’s the asterisk, except for Roman Reigns.”

Heyman had one final name in mind when it came to high-profile superstars who could step up to Roman Reigns and that was none other than ‘The American Nightmare’, Cody Rhodes.

“Cody [Rhodes], is not only someone with, with an extensive legacy but I mean, my God, he’s the son of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, but he has carved out his niche,” Heyman recalled. “He’s achieved his accomplishments. And when he couldn’t gain enough traction in WWE to become a legend, to become a first-ballot Hall of Famer, to become a WWE or universal or unified heavyweight champion, he went out on his own. He blazed his trail. He created something, co-created, and helped create something that completely changed the complexion of the industry. And now he comes back to claim what he feels is his moment. And the only way that he’s going to be able to live that moment is to step into the ring with the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

“What it’s a story that writes itself and, and, and Cody Rhodes is a magnificent talent who, whether he is, and he is the son of Dusty Rhodes, but whether he is, or isn’t the son of Dusty Rhodes on his own, just as Joe blow, not as big a name as Cody Rhodes, but still he could take the name, Joe Blow, and he could become huge box office. There is, I was dissatisfied with the landscape in the industry and I decided to change it myself. And that’s what Cody Rhodes did. He was dissatisfied with the landscape of the sports entertainment industry, and he went out on his own and, and along with others, uh, he changed it himself and he changed it along with the various people that, that, that collaborated to create a new landscape in the industry. So, yes, there are parallels.”

Roman Reigns most recently teamed up with his cousins, SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Jimmy and Jey Uso to defeat the aforementioned McIntyre as well as RAW Tag Team Champions, Randy Orton and Riddle at WrestleMania Backlash.

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