Photos: Edge Debuts New Look On WWE RAW

WWE Hall of Famer Edge is now sporting shorter hair.

On this week's RAW, the leader of Judgment Day stood in the ring next to Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley, whom he referred to as his two "saints of fate."

"We formed Judgment Day because we were tired of being sheep like all of you," Edge said. "Where did that get us? Where did that get me? OK, it got me a Hall of Fame ring. Big deal. I'm bigger than the Hall of Fame. You know what it also got me? You can point to any area of my body, and I've had a surgery. Do any of you care?"

Edge then called out "keyboard warriors" for making asinine comments on the Internet. Thereafter, Priest and Ripley explained why they decided to embrace the WWE Hall of Famer as their mentor and leader.

In conclusion, Edge teased that Judgment Day would be adding more members in the future. As noted earlier, former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa has been rumored to join the stable.

"My movement is not done," Edge emphasized. "We aren't finished yet, and we're looking for more."