Road Dogg has shared insight into his feelings regarding the purchase of Ring of Honor by AEW President Tony Khan.

In an interview with WrestleZone, Road Dogg said that the wrestling business does not hold much financial value in it. He stated that Tony Khan had to buy Ring of Honor as the promotion could not keep going due to the fact that they were spending more money than they were making.

“If there was money in wrestling, then Tony Khan wouldn’t have had to buy Ring of Honor back. It wouldn’t have gone out of business because they had great wrestling.”

He went on to say that people don’t just want to see the wrestlers themselves on shows, but also because they want the gaudiness of everything as well.

“People want to be entertained too. You’ve got to give them a little glitz and glamour. You’ve got to give them a little carny. You’ve got to ‘step right up folks’, and show them shiny stuff and some pyro or whatever.”

Ring of Honor was forced to close its doors and release everyone on their roster from their contracts at the end of last year after the company went bankrupt. The wrestlers were told over a Zoom call that they were free to work wherever they please right away, despite their contract status. It was originally thought that the company would make its return by April of this year whilst still under the same leadership. However, earlier this year, Khan announced he had officially acquired the brand to the shock of many fans.

Watch the full interview below:

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