Scott Steiner Blasts Ric Flair When Asked About Potential Match

Scott Steiner's issues with Ric Flair look to be as heated as ever.

During a live, online signing with "Highspots Superstore" this week, WWE Hall of Famers The Steiner Brothers, Rick and Scott, were the featured guests on the show. Things were running relatively smooth until the last moments of the live stream when someone asked Scott about The Nature Boy.


"[Ric Flair] ain't no friend of mine," Scott said when the host sarcastically referred to Flair as his "friend".

The subject of Flair's upcoming retirement match was brought up with a sarcastic suggestion for Scott to be his final opponent. Rumors were swirling that either Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat or Hulk Hogan were going to be Flair's final opponent, but both of those reports have been shut down since then.

"I would kill him. I would destroy him [in a match]," Scott stated. "Yeah, everybody wants to see him get beat up."

The heat between Scott and Ric can be traced all the way back to their time working together in WCW. One man who worked alongside them at the time was Arn Anderson, and he revealed on his podcast where he believes the issues started between Flair and Scott.


"I think Ric had a match with Scotty on a big show, Clash of Champions, maybe, and it had some time involved, and apparently, Scotty didn't like the match and he felt like Ric held back, or tanked, or something.

"I never had the conversation with either guy but there was like a conspiracy, and in somebody's mind, one way or the other, I don't know how it went down but the match was not what either one of them wanted it to be. And I think they carried that."

Back in 2008, Scott did an interview with "The Baltimore Sun" where he discussed the star power Flair possessed, or lack thereof, as Scott put it.

"I always knew he was a piece of garbage. Flair never drew when I was in the NWA and WCW. Flair had all of his friends booking him on top and we were not drawing ... I can say for a fact that Flair, at that time, did not draw a dime. And they say he was the greatest? If you want an honest opinion, you ask somebody who they would rather be on the card with, Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair? If they don't say, Hulk Hogan, they're out of their minds."