The Latest On Kota Ibushi’s Status With NJPW

As the Kota Ibushi/New Japan Pro Wrestling story reaches its second week, the status quo thus far remains unchanged.

In Sunday's Daily Update for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer noted that Ibushi remains with New Japan at this time and has not been fired. Despite this, Meltzer also reported that New Japan and its parent company, Bushiroad, were not happy with the publicity brought forth by Kota Ibushi's comments last week.


Last Tuesday, Kota Ibushi shocked the wrestling landscape when he fired off numerous posts on Twitter, stating he was going to expose the "cheaters-gun and sexually harassing bosses." The former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion also posted multiple conversations between himself and New Japan higher up Yusuke Kikuchi.

The conversations revealed a dispute between Ibushi and Kikuchi over Ibushi returning from a shoulder injury he suffered in the G1 Climax Final last August. Also in these conversations, Kikuchi at one point suggested ending Ibushi's contract, which Ibushi wasn't bothered by.

Kota Ibushi continued to be active on Twitter going into the weekend, including lobbing some more accusations against New Japan but, as noted by Meltzer, seemed to quiet down after one final tweet on Saturday.


"I will fight until the end," Ibushi tweeted. "I will not surrender to them."

While several wrestlers have cryptically alluded to Kota Ibushi's situation on social media, the only New Japan star of note to officially comment on the controversy is Toru Yano, who did so on his podcast. According to Meltzer, Yano stated he wasn't thrilled Ibushi was confusing fans with his outburst, but also said he was still Ibushi's friend and that he was still part of New Japan.

Though it's not confirmed whether this tweet was in regards to Kota Ibushi or not, Meltzer also noted a tweet, in Japanese, by AEW star Kenny Omega this past Friday. Omega and Ibushi were known in Japan as the tag team The Golden Lovers.

"Fire of resurrection will burn bright again someday," Omega tweeted. "Let's hang on until then everybody."

You can see Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega's tweets below.