William Regal can still wrestle, but don’t expect to see him back in the ring.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion and current manager of AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club recently spoke with Metro about whether or not he can still compete. According to Regal, it’s not a question of physical ability.

“I can get in the ring now and wrestle just as good as I ever did,” Regal said. “I still train, do all my squats and push-ups that I never thought I’d be able to do. But I look like a 54-year-old … I can still wrestle just as good as I used to. In fact, better, because I’ve got full circulation now after god knows how many years.”

“I wrestled my son for an hour before Christmas in the [WWE Performance Center] in Orlando,” he continued, referencing his son Charlie Dempsey who currently wrestles for WWE NXT and is a developmental talent. “I can wrestle.”

Ironically, Regal’s last match was broadcast on Christmas Day, 2013, an under-the-radar classic that saw him take on Antonio Cesaro — a man Regal respects more than almost anyone else in the wrestling business — in the main event of “NXT.”

“I’d rather that match with Cesaro be my final thing,” Regal told Metro. “‘Elvis has left the building.’ That’s why Colonel Tom Parker never let Elvis do an encore. Don’t ruin it for myself. That was as good as a match as it could ever be for me to finish my career, and 30 years in, it’s somebody else’s turn now. Why ruin it?”

Regal has gotten physical with other wrestlers on “AEW Dynamite” since his arrival — he debuted by slapping Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley in the face, and he recently punched Chris Jericho. He was also seen physically training Wheeler Yuta in a recent video package. However, in terms of actually wrestling one more match, it seems clear that William Regal would prefer to leave the memories alone.

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