Bianca Belair Names AEW Star Who Invited Her To WWE Try-Out

Bianca Belair recently stopped by "The Players' Pod" with Kelley O'Hara to discuss her young career in WWE, a career that probably wouldn't have happened had Belair stuck with an early assumption. During the conversation, Bianca talked about why she initially ignored a DM from then WWE talent scout and now current AEW star, Mark Henry.


Henry had apparently seen a video of Belair at a Crossfit competition in Puerto Rico, "so I had this big ol' bow in my hair and a skirt on and I grabbed the microphone and I was talking to the crowd," Belair said, hyping her natural charisma, "And he DM'd and he asked me 'hey have you ever considered becoming a WWE Superstar because you're doing everything that it takes. You have the look, you have the charisma, you have the strength, you're grabbing the microphone and you're talking to the crowd, essentially cutting promos, you don't even realize it."

"It was a DM and I completely thought it was fake, and ignored it," Bianca chuckled.

The DM came after Henry initially commented on a picture of Belair, which once again, Belair assumed was fake. "My nephew was like 'Mark Henry commented on a picture' and I'm like 'that's fake.' And then I researched it and was like 'this is Mark Henry, like the Mark Henry."


Henry explained to Belair how WWE training camps work and told her that he couldn't get WWE to hire her, but the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame inductee was certain she could impress higher-ups, "'If you go and show up and be yourself, you can do this.'"

According to Belair, the message came at exactly the right time, as she was trying to figure out her life plan after she was forced to abandon Crossfit due to shifting rib syndrome. Belair spent the following year settling down and working in Atlanta when Henry reached out.

Belair has said in the past that she wished she'd found WWE "a lot earlier," but doesn't regret the twisting road that led her to reigns with the WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown Women's Championships, as well as winning the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble.

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