Booker T Declines To Comment On ‘Not Good News’ About Vince McMahon

WWE's investigation of Vince McMahon continues to be on people's minds, less than 24 hours after a bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal. Booker T took a measured approach while addressing the situation on The Hall of Fame Podcast.


"It's a serious situation as far as the allegations," Booker told his co-host Brad Gilmore. "I wouldn't want to jump ahead of myself and say something that I have no idea what's really going on." The Wall Street Journal reported that the WWE board of directors is investigating Vince McMahon for numerous cash settlements in exchange for the silence of former female employees alleging misconduct by the WWE Chairman & CEO, as well as Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion said he intends to "sit back and wait a minute," gather information, and once he has enough information then "we'll dive into that and see exactly how it looks." According to the Wall Street Journal report, WWE's investigation is still ongoing.


"I'm on the home team," Booker continued, "and for me hearing news like this, it's not good news," going on to describe the situation as "so touchy, as far as the individual that's making the claim, as well as the individual that's being accused."

"It's as touchy as it could possibly be."

WWE reportedly sent a statement to talent saying they take the allegations seriously, and are cooperating fully with the investigation, which started by looking into a January 2022 settlement in which McMahon allegedly paid $3 million in exchange for the silence of a former paralegal, with whom McMahon is rumored to have had an affair. The investigation has since expanded to cover WWE's Human Resources programs, as well as overall corporate culture.

Booker T went on to compare his reaction to the Hall of Fame Podcast's response to an earlier report about Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of WWE, saying that even then "we said 'there's not enough information,'" essentially saying that if they weren't going to jump into the wild speculation that came after the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions' departure, then he surely wasn't going to glibly start speculating on McMahon, the allegations, or the investigation.