Chris Jericho Preparing To Sport Bald Look?

Chris Jericho's bald spot became the subject of many memes and jokes among fans who witnessed Sunday's Double or Nothing pay-per-view. Jericho, being the good sport that he is, even welcomed the good-natured ribbing.


If you watched Wednesday's "Dynamite" and paid attention to Jericho's subsequent tweets, it would appear that the iconic wrestler is preparing to sport a bald-headed look on AEW TV.

The first sign came when Ortiz snipped off some of Jericho's hair on "Dynamite" as a response to the latter rejecting William Regal's challenge for a "Blood & Guts" match pitting Jericho Appreciation Society against Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Santana, Ortiz & Eddie Kingston. This led to an irate Jericho accepting the challenge, but not before upping the ante.

"In order for you to get Blood & Guts, I want something too," Jericho told Ortiz. "You wanna cut my hair, Ortiz? I'm gonna shave your stupid head bald! You want Blood & Guts? I want Jericho vs. Ortiz, Hair vs. Hair. I'm gonna beat you, I'm gonna shave you, and I'm gonna burn you. Why? Because I'm a wizard."


The Hair vs. Hair match was later confirmed for the "Dynamite: Road Rager" special on June 15 in St. Louis, Missouri.

As reported earlier, the match will precede the Blood & Guts bout scheduled for a special episode of "Dynamite" on June 29 in Detroit, Michigan. Could Jericho be walking into the match with a bald head?

Meanwhile, Ortiz took to Twitter after Wednesday's "Dynamite" to proudly display his trophy, a strand of Jericho's hair.

Jericho later responded to several fans who posted photoshopped images of his bald self, as seen below. Could he perhaps be preparing for the inevitable? One thing is for certain – Chris Jericho has never been averse to reinventing himself.