D-Lo Brown learned that if you’re going to swear on WWE television, make sure you do it while getting something over. In a new interview with “Sports Illustrated”, Brown talked about the longevity of his persona and how he got something as simple as a headshake over.

“Back in ’97, portable DVD players were just starting to come out. You’d have sleeves of DVDs kind of like you’d have sleeves of CDs. The movie ‘Friday’ was part of the regular rotation on our road trips. The Rock and I finished a match on a Sunday and we were back at the hotel watching ‘Friday,’ and there’s a scene where Deebo knocks out a guy and Chris Tucker yells, ‘You just got knocked the f— out!’

Brown, who was a member of the Nation of Domination at the time with The Rock, decided to take something from outside of pro wrestling and incorporate it into a segment.

“The next night at Raw, we’re getting ready to go to commercial break, and the spot is that Rocky is going to clothesline Ken Shamrock out of the ring and onto the floor, and then we’d go to the commercial. But I knew if I had that 30 seconds, I was stealing it. So when Ken was knocked out of the ring, I ran up to the ropes and screamed, ‘You just got knocked the f— out!’ and I’m shaking my head. That’s when it dawned on me that I’d swore on TV. I figured Vince [McMahon] was going to be furious.”

Being a producer backstage for Impact and having his fair share of time on commentary in 2021, Brown is all too familiar now with using the right choice of words, but this particular night, he thought any trust he developed with McMahon was going to go “sky high.”

“Vince had two looks. One was when he looked at you and gave a thumbs up. That was good. The other was when he looked up, pulled his glasses down, and waved a finger over to him. That’s what I got that night. And he looked at me and said, ‘That thing you’re doing with your head? Keep doing it.’ So I didn’t get fined for swearing and I did something that piqued Vince’s curiosity. Then I turned the volume up on the head shake, and people still tell me stories to this day about doing it in hallway or to their mom. It’s incredible.”

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