The “Dark Side Of The Ring” creators collaborating with WWE may be something that is happening, but all the details behind it still remain cloudy. It was reported yesterday by SEScoops that Evan Husney and Jason Eisener have been working on a new VICE TV project involving WWE and that “Dark Side Of The Ring” season four is currently on hold. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful states on Twitter that he reached out to “Dark Side Of The Ring” creators Husney and Eisener who say there are several inaccuracies in that report. It was also noted that an official announcement will be made soon.

The initial SEScoops article reported that this upcoming project with WWE is going to have a “much softer, sanitized tone,” than the original “Dark Side Of The Ring” series. It looks like this new series could feature more of a “campfire talk” vibe about the classic wrestling days. In this new endeavor, Husney and Eisener would have access to the WWE archives and the report claims Steve Austin has already recorded something for the project in Los Angeles with more legends on tap. It’s noted that the new series has an expected release date of mid-September 2022 for VICE TV

Back in early May VICE TV issued its own statement regarding the future of the series.

“We’ve heard some rumors flying around about Season 4 of Dark Side of the Ring,” the network tweeted. “We are as committed as ever to both the series and the broader Dark Side franchise. Evan and Jason are hard at work making more content that we know our fans of the series will love. Stay tuned.”

“Dark Side Of The Ring” has been on VICE TV for three seasons and has had its fair share of newsworthy episodes. Topics such as Owen Hart’s death, the murder of Bruiser Brody, the Chris Benoit family tragedy, and, of course, the “Plane Ride From Hell” all received their own episodes. The “Plane Ride From Hell” episode may have elicited the most controversial response as it caused problems for both Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer.

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