It was fun while it lasted.

SEScoops is reporting that WWE is working with “Dark Side of the Ring” creators Evan Husney and Jason Eisener on a new project for VICE TV. The project is said to have a “much softer, sanitized tone,” than VICE TV’s original “Dark Side of the Ring” program.

“Dark Side of the Ring” aired for three seasons on VICE TV, but preparations for the fourth season stalled when several on-air talents felt they’d been misrepresented in past episodes. The Plane Ride from Hell episode became something of a flashpoint, and the show eventually lost the support of wrestling luminaries like Jim Ross.

According to SES, the WWE partnership with Husney & Eisener is designed to create an entirely new show. One source in the article described it as “campfire talks” about the old days of wrestling, which sounds similar to the “WWE Legends Roundtable” shows that used to air on the WWE 24/7 digital cable channel.

Husney & Eisener are said to have access to WWE’s archives of footage, as well as WWE personalities. Stone Cold Steve Austin has already filmed for the project, with more WWE Legends scheduled to film. It is not clear whether this is the same project that Jake Roberts, Jim Ross, and Michael P.S. Hayes were recently reported to have filmed for, but it seems likely.

Between this project, as well as WWE’s growing lineup of programming over on VICE TV’s parent station A&E, there is a genuine concern over WWE’s current attempts to control the history of not just WWE, but professional wrestling in general. From the DVD documentaries released in the 2000s, to the less-than-accurate Monday Night War and Ruthless Aggression documentaries released on the WWE Network/Peacock, there has been a flood of content from WWE in the past 20 years designed to control the conversation in regards to pro wrestling history.

CORRECTION: Article originally attributed this news to “SES Scoops” instead of “SEScoops,” and has been amended as such.

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