Alberto Del Rio (AKA Alberto El Patron) may be blacklisted from all major wrestling promotions currently, including his old stomping grounds AAA, but that hasn’t stopped the former WWE Champion from dreaming of a future WWE Hall of Fame induction.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Del Rio stressed that he will eventually “get my justice” by being enshrined alongside the legends of the business.

“I would love to be there and walk into the scenario and just grab the microphone and from the top, look at my dad, my mom, my beautiful children, my girlfriend, my family, and to finally put an end to this amazing career with my name out there in the stars with the legends of our sport,” Del Rio said.

He added, “I know one day it will happen. Of course, the decision is not mine. But I know someday, I will get my justice.”

When asked to delve into the factors that might be hindering his potential induction, Del Rio alluded to the charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault leveled against him by an ex-girlfriend last year. Del Rio would then point out how despite all charges being dropped in December 2021, he’s still being blacklisted unjustly.

“People need to stop being stubborn or ignorant,” Del Rio said. “And if you want to see the truth, it’s out there. Not just said by me but by the most important departments of investigation in the United States that are telling you – this man never did absolutely anything. It was just one person – a horrible person affecting his life. That’s it. Leave him alone. So, one day I’m gonna be there [in the WWE Hall of Fame].”

This isn’t the first instance of Del Rio making a case for a WWE Hall of Fame induction. Earlier this month, he tweeted out his list of accomplishments in WWE – two reigns each as WWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion, victory in the only 40-man Royal Rumble in 2011 and two stints as United States Champion. Del Rio also won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 2011.

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